Upcoming Events at The Divine Energy Center Studio

The Divine Energy Center is you! Not a place you visit, you carry it with you at all times, even those darkest times, those doubt filled times, never leaves as you are born of God, so how could you lose who you truly are!

Please find below a short list of summer events, more coming soon, so check the web sites and join one of them for updates if you feel so inclined. Only you Know where you are at and what resonates for you.





Funny You Should Say That Goes on the Road to Cossayuna Lake!

Our hearts become heavy with sorrow when our loved ones transition, but they are not really that far away or you could say a medium away! Spirit and your loved ones want to connect with you, they want to see you smile and laugh; here is the perfect opportunity for just that!!

Join Brandon Russ in a unique message circle where you will receive messages from your loved ones that are humorous and targeted to uplift audience members. Leading the message circle is Brandon Russ, a certified Intuitive Medium/Counselor, Spiritual Counselor and Reiki Master/Teacher.
October 18th from 7-9pm
Fee is $20

Please visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/funny-you-should-say-that-goes-on-the-road-to-cossayuna-lake-tickets-28063281029 to buy your ticket, don’t miss out on this light hearted evening with Spirit.











Energy of change, Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Thank you for sharing your stories, for trusting in yourselves to allow your story to unfold. You are evolving; we are evolving, the self-work shows through your beautiful life changing stories that you received in our workshop. Themes appeared from a past life as a healer, a future life as a healer …

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A Reading becomes a Reality

    This Spring I was told everything I needed would come from outside, the outside for me was other people, hard to believe sitting there at that time that anyone would show up in my life that would help me bring my dreams to fruition, I believed it had to be accomplished through hard work …

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