The Studio

The Divine Energy Center is you! Not a place you visit, you carry it with you at all times.

The Studio is closed for the winter months, I love winter but the location of the Studio does not permit access; too far off the asphalt path.

I am available at Revibe in Schuylerville NY as well as Spirit Tree Connections in Latham NY where you can schedule a Past Life Regression workshop or personal session as well as BioEnergy Therapy sessions.

Please go to the calendar tab to see where I am and upcoming events.

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BioEnergy Introduction

Tina says that “BioEnergy is Reiki on steroids” (clients name is not shared for privacy reasons)

Domancic BioEnergy is a phenomenon of documented and indisputable wellness success that has helped over a million people; as a certified therapist of BioEnergy I am excited to bring this energy to you.

Bioenergy therapy sessions align and balance the creator energy that you are. There is no simpler way to say this, we are energy, and we are created from the same energy, evolving at a different pace, eventually ending where we began. Drawing from this Source-Energy, applying the energy directly to the areas requiring balance and alignment creates in you the effect you want, the intention you have set for yourself. There is no one responsible for you except you.

Drawing from Source-Energy, similar to Reiki without physical contact energy is sent to areas affected for 15 minutes; beginning the wellness process. Your commitment to your health requires a total of 3 consecutive days of this energy work, 15 minutes each day and you will be on your wellness journey.

Please call 518-796-7975 for a free consultation and to schedule your BioEnergy session today.


BioEnergy Fertility Wellness

Working with your biological cycle we plan the sessions accordingly to revolve around the optimal time for fertility. The energy exchange works with ovulation increasing the chances of fertilization.

A free consultation by phone to discuss your wellness and how BioEnergy works is then followed by scheduling your first session in person at the most appropriate time for you and your spouse.

Ann’s Story (her name has been changed for privacy)

Ann had been using ovulation kits for 5 months without success. We set up the time for her to start a four day energy therapy session, (Ann’s husband opted out of the energy sessions). After our phone consultation Ann and I began working long distance. Ann called me 10 days after our last session to let me know she took an early response pregnancy test and indeed it was positive.

Please call Kelly at 518-796-7975 for more information.


Past Life Regression Workshop

These workshops are in a group setting creating a community of Spirit. Through journaling from class to class you will see your personal Spiritual evolution. Attending a workshop will accelerate your Spiritual development removing your doubts, answering questions and giving you the ability to set your intentions for emotional, spiritual and physical wellness. You are always in control.

Please visit the calendar tab to schedule your Past Life Regression Workshop or call 518-796-7975 for a free consultation.




















Building your Spiritual Bridge

When we suffer from an illness as simple as a cold to catastrophic life changing events this provides us with an opportunity to reflect, to rest to ponder to take charge of your life. Not only does this affect you but everyone around you as well giving them the time for the same reflection. During …

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Guardian Angel Meditation January 22, 2017

Guardian Angel Meditation Everyone has a Guardian Angel, they are there with you when you are born and stay with you throughout your lifetime. Here is your chance to meet your Guide, depending on your personal path more than one guide has come through in these meditations. After learning this mediation you will be able …

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